Fraser Island adventures: Part 2

Platypus Bay… Fraser Island’s best kept secret

During our time on Fraser Island we chatted to many people about the day trips they had done and the places they had stumbled upon.  One such conversation was about Platypus Bay.  It was described to us as a “must visit” and “you feel like you are driving forever to nowhere” and you “suddenly pop out from the bush on a pristine beach”.  And that is exactly how it happened.  One minute you are driving through bush and the next minute you are at the end of the road and paradise appears before your eyes.

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Platypus Bay3
Platypus Bay – the blues of the water changes depending on the sun and clouds

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Platypus Bay5

To get to Platypus Bay, we drove inland from Waddy Point on a very rough track, but it is fairly easy driving when conditions are good. There are no signs to mark the way so follow Wathumba Road at Orchid Beach and take the left turnoff, approximately 100m before the Marloo Avenue sign.  There is a freshwater creek crossing about 200m before you reach your destination on the western side of the island.

We only spent a couple of hours but you could easily spend the day here swimming, relaxing, fishing or wandering the shores exploring.  The sand is brilliantly white and the water reminded me of an aquamarine gemstone.

Wandering with my family along the waters edge, we felt like we had escaped to our own secret paradise as we had the entire place to ourselves and it was hard to drag ourselves away.

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Platypus Bay4
Platypus Bay – only our footsteps covered the sand

Lunch at Wathumba

Next stop was Wathumba, also located on the North Western side of the island and not too far from Platypus Bay.  Wathumba is just as breathtaking as Platypus Bay, but be aware of the very soft and unpredictable sand and that you are in an extremely remote part of Fraser (so help may be quite time away if you get into trouble).

2017 Fraser Island Part 3 Wathumba4
Wathumba at low tide

It is a popular spot with boaties, but during our visit there were still lots of 4WDers set up for the day.  Crystal clear waters beyond the mangroves beckoned and floating in the waters felt like you were a million miles away.  It’s a great spot for a picnic, swim and fishing.  There is also a campground if you want to spend a night or two.

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Wathumba5
Wathumba Bay – stunning from every angle
2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Wathumba3
Wathumba Bay – paradise beyond the mangroves
2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Wathumba2
Wathumba Bay

Remember to pack inset repellant to ward off sandflies and mosquitos!

Champagne Pools … the end to a glorious day

Our day trip finished at Champagne Pools (back on the Eastern Beach between Indian Head and Orchid Beach) which is a popular tourist spot and was quite busy when we visited (and we weren’t in peak season).  We aren’t ones for crowds so unfortunately didn’t spend too long here (I think we had been spoilt with our own private paradise at Platypus Bay).

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Champagne Pools2
Champagne Pools

My girls loved floating in the ‘spa’ with the incoming waves splashing over the edge of the rocks creating a foaming, bubbly effect (hence the name Champagne Pools). There are also spectacular views from the boardwalk above and it is a great spot to take some photos.

2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Champagne Pools1
Champagne Pools – the view on the way down
2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Champagne Pools4
Champagne Pools (view to the north)
2017 Fraser Island Part 2 Champange Pool3
Champagne Pools (view to the south towards Indian Head)

You could easily spend a full day at each of the spots we visited, it just depends how much time you have.

Stay tuned for the next 5 days when we relocated and used Eurong as our base.

Disclaimer: This blog post is based on our own personal experiences and conditions at the time of visiting Fraser Island.  Please refer to all appropriate information guides and services including the Queensland Government site for current conditions.




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